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Research Projects

Research Projects

    • girl child education
    Strategy for Girl Child Education for the State of Andhra Pradesh

    Right to education applies equally to both boys and girls and there is a constitutional mandated duty on the State to provide and ensure Girl child education.

    • Formulation of Urban Strategy in West Bengal
    Formulation of Urban Strategy in West Bengal

    Regional urban strategy for the state with a 20 year period futuristic vision has been prepared for the state of West Bengal.

    • State of Civil Services Society
    State of Civil Services Survey 2010

    On behalf of DAR&PG, CGG undertook the first Survey of the State of Indian Civil Services in 2009. The survey covered close to 18000 officers belonging to ten All India Services.

    • SOGR Toolkit
    State of Governance Framework and Methodology

    DAR&PG in collaboration with CGG and State Governments aimed to create a framework and methodology for assessing the State of Governance at State level.

    • Environmental Management and education in singareni
    Evaluation of Environmental Management and Education in Singareni Colleries Company Limited and its Impact on Selected Stakeholders

    The project involved evaluation of the environmental education for students of schools run by Sinagreni Colleries Ltd. The project was executed with the WWF- AP State Office.

    • Account Primer
    Accounting Primer for UNICEF Implementing Partners

    CGG conducted capacity building programmes for UNICEF’s implementing partners on the basics of accounting and book keeping.