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Project : 2BHK Housing, Government of Telangana

User Department(s):

Housing Department, Telangana State

Project Brief:

2BHK Housing is a flagship programme by the Government of Telangana (GoTS) with a vision to provide dignity housing to all the houseless poor families in the State, in a phased manner. The initiatives and activities of this Project are automated to ensure transparency, accountability and effective monitoring of services right from Administrative Sanction to Release of Funds.

The features of the portal developed by CGG includes,

  • The physical and Financial progress of the scheme
  • Administrative Sanction, Location details, Technical Sanction, Work In- Progress, Expenditure, Utilization Certificate and Requisition of Fund details to release funds across the state
  • Contractor Registration
  • Promote paperless and transparent fund approvals with “Digital Signatures” (DSC)
  • Provide security, OTP’s are generated to their respective mobiles while logging every time.
  • Maintains accumulations of seigniorage/GSTDS(Goods and Service Tax Deducted at Source)/IT/labour charges/FSD and remitted particulars to the respective Departments

Benefits/uses of the application:

  • Enables Contractor Registration and online submission of Bills
  • Enabled hassle-free and convenient bill payments to the Contractors
  • All the bank account details of the Collectors are tagged for Administrative sanction
  • Monitoring effective progress of the scheme across the State
  • Automatic generation of the present bill based on the cumulative value of the bills submitted
  • Creating checkpoints wherever possible for the utilization of the scheme
  • Role-based logins for Executing Departments, Contractors, District Offices and Head office. Each user/officer has to be provided with a login
  • Capturing Aadhaar no., system Date, M-Book (Measurement Book) numbers, and Colony pictures and uploading them reduced the system leakages.
  • SMS alerts are sent to the Contractors, 10 days before the completion of their milestones.
  • Entire Process of Agreement information(detail Contractor Agreement Information) is being captured through engineering workflow for the auto-generation of amounts in successive approvals for improving efficiency
  • SMS alerts are being sent to the respective officers to process the bills at their end.
  • All these MIS reports are being generated so that the MD can view and monitor the scheme phase wise
  • All the District Collectors are registered online for their digital signature which reduces the paperwork and hassle-free procedure for sanction of the bill.

Link to the website/application: