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Project : Andhra Pradesh Online Beneficiary Management and Monitoring System (OBMMS)

User Department(s):

Welfare Corporations and Federations of Andhra Pradesh such as

  • A.P. Scheduled Castes Cooperative Development Corporation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Scheduled Tribes Cooperative Development Corporation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Backward Classes Cooperative Development Corporation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Minorities Finance Corporation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Christian Minorities Finance Corporation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Washermen Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Nayee Brahmin Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Vaddera Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Sagara(Uppara) Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Valmiki/Boya Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Krishna Balija, Poosala Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Bhattraja Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Kummari Shalivahana Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Viswabrahmins Cooperative Corporation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Medara Finance Corporation Ltd., Amravati
  • A.P. Toddy Tappers Cooperative Finance Corporation Ltd., Amravati

Project Brief:

A real-time web-based Beneficiary Management and Monitoring Software is developed by Centre for Good Governance (CGG) for Welfare Corporations and Federations in Andhra Pradesh. This system ensures transparency and fairness in facilitating subsidy transfer for Economic Support Schemes through which subsidy benefit of worth Rs.2356.73 Crores are being transferred to Below Poverty Line(BPL) beneficiaries for the grounding of schemes.OBMMS is paperless workflow and acts as a decision support tool for funds-flow with all the information available in public domain to encourage transparency and accountability to provide a comprehensive decision support platform for all the layers of Government with high security at all Logins and Information transfer. The system captures the entire workflow of Mandal, District and Head Offices. In Each Financial Year, MD Office has to allocate targets to District Offices which are to be achieved.

The features of the portal developed by CGG includes,

  • Online Aadhaar based Registration of Beneficiary
  • SMS facility to Beneficiary at Registration and Selection and Subsidy Release
  • Notices and SMS to beneficiaries For Interviews
  • Notices and SMS to Committee Members for Interviews
  • Mandal Selection committee identifies the beneficiary
  • Selected Beneficiaries Bio-Metric Authentication
  • Banker Creates Loan & Non-Operative Account Numbers and Uploads Online
  • MPDO Forwards Selected list to District Office With DSC
  • Sr. Asst. & AEO verifies Documents uploaded Online & Generates Note File
  • ED Approves Note File with DSC And Forwards to Collector Online
  • Collector Approves Note File and Generates Proceedings on Name of Collector With DSC
  • MD Office Generates Note File Based on Collector Proceedings
  • MD approves Note File and Generate and Approves MD Office Proceeding With DSC
  • MD office Enters Cheque Number Online Based on MD proceedings
  • MD approves Cheque Online
  • Banks Raise the Loan Component to Ground the scheme
  • Field officers need to upload UC and Asset Photo

Benefits/uses of the application:

  • Internal Efficiency enhancement
    OBMMS Web portal is available with the updated Economic Support Schemes information (https://www.apobmms.cgg.gov.in). This facilitates high visibility to Public & enhanced internal efficiency of staff of Corporations & Federations. Repository of Beneficiary information, Sanctions, Subsidy Releases, Grounding, UC and Asset Photos of all the schemes etc.,
  • Integration with real-time databases
    Real-time validation happens online by integrating with respective databases for identifying genuine Family and individual beneficiary which saves a lot of Government money and intended beneficiary will be uplifted from poor.
  • Accountability & Transparency
    This System generates alerts and intimation letters to the committee and beneficiaries. Selection cum Screening Committee interviews the online registered beneficiaries at the Mandal level based on the skill and target. All the MIS is available in public Domain and linked to Core Dashboard. All stakeholders are accountable for their pendency and Progress. This brought transparency & Accountability in the system.
  • Fast Service Delivery
    Registrations, Approvals, Bank Consent, Sponsored List generation, Sanctions and subsidy releases happen in a hassle-free manner. Beneficiaries can verify dynamic status in online and receives SMS after the release of subsidy. An interface is also designed for the participation of Bankers to raise the loan component for Grounding the Scheme. Grounding is being monitored to reach the benefit of intended beneficiaries for the upliftment of poor.
  • Entire Workflow is captured 
    All on boarded Corporations and Federations entire manual process is revamped and re-engineered and all the improved processes are being automated.  Pendency list is available at each stage and real-time progress is being monitored through the system. The system is being in use for 5 years and process improvement is in place with regular feedback from officers and citizens. Every year new interventions are incorporated into the system in a smooth manner by conduction regular workshops, training, meetings and interactions.
  • Real-time progress & Pendency monitoring with Dashboards and Mobile app
    The Mobile APP and Dashboards facilitates all the officers to monitor the physical & Financial Progress and Pendency Status in online.
  • Easy to use Interfaces
    Easily understandable interfaces are designed and without training, users can enter details. Ensures timely release of funds, effective utilization of resources.  
  • Beneficiary Services
    The beneficiary can check the status online and Receives mobile Alerts and can download Submitted Application and Collector sanction Proceedings in online

 Conferred with Highest award of honour  "Award of Excellence" in e-Governance category at CSI Nihilent e-Governance   Awards 2017-2018

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