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Project : Audit Paras Monitoring System (APMS)

User Department(s):

Finance Department, Telangana

Project Brief:

The State Audit department of Telangana conducts an audit for accounts of PRIs, Urban Local Bodies and other Institutions in the State. Audit department consolidates the Audit reports send them to the government in Finance Department for being placed on the table of State Legislative Assembly. The audit reports are received every year and the finance department has to keep a track of the audit paras to ensure the disposal of the paras at the earliest. As the audit Paras are not available in a
digitized manner, it is difficult to track the year-wise and department-wise audit paras.

Audit Paras Monitoring System (APMS) is developed by Centre for Good Governance (CGG) for monitoring of the Audit Paras. It is a key tool to monitor the audit paras raised during audits conducted in various Departments in Telangana and to ensure effective and timely submission of the AuditPara responses.

The system maintains the digital repository of the Audit Paris and helps in

  • Efficient progress tracking of implementation of the Audit Paras;
  • Effective compilation of the Explanatory Notes (EN) and Action Taken Notes(ATN);
  • Better coordination with the various Departments using inbuilt tool for communication, the repository of audit reports.

On an overall basis, this system made the process of tracking implementation status of the Audit Paras.The system generates pending and implemented Audit Paras and circulates it with various Departments for the discussion of Public Accounts Committee in Legislature. Summary information such as Number of audit para’s department-wise, meeting-wise, Year-wise etc. is provided in the dashboard. This application is used for sending reminders before and after the Committee meetings.

Benefits/uses of the application:

  • Digital repository of the draft paras, Audit Paras and Replies
  • Ensure timely submission of Audit replies
  • Effective Compilation of the Explanatory Notes (EN) and Action Taken Notes (ATN)
  • Better coordination with the departments using inbuilt tool for communication
  • Dashboard and reports for quick and efficient monitoring of review officials

Link to the website/application: