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Project : Cabinet Resolutions Monitoring System(CRMS)

User Department(s):

General Administration Department of Telangana State, Secretariat Departments of Telangana State

Project Brief:

Important decisions or urgent decisions in Government are made during the cabinet meetings. The official decisions made by the council of ministers during the cabinet meetings are issued as cabinet resolutions. Cabinet Resolutions Monitoring System (CRMS) – Developed by Centre for Good Governance (CGG), monitors the CabinetResolutions made during the Cabinet Meetings, to ensure effective and timely implementation of the Cabinet Resolutions. The system generates Draft and Final proceedings to circulate to various Departments, after the Cabinet meeting. Summary information such as Number of resolutions – Department-wise, Cabinet meeting-wise/year-wise etc. is provided on the dashboard. This application is used for sending reminders before and after the Cabinet meeting.

ePASS, developed by CGG

  • Facilitated students to apply for scholarships online and track the application status at every stage
  • Helps to avoid errors and also re-engineer the processes followed  by Government for decades, facilitating timely payment of Scholarships to students
  • Reduced the leakages and also lessened the time consuming manual visits for verification

This ePASS application has successfully facilitated around 90 lakh applicants in the disbursement of Pre-Metric and Post-Metric Scholarships under 14 Schemes over a period of 4 Academic Years. More than 13 lakh students have applied for scholarships during the academic year 2016-17. With the successful implementation of ePASS, the project is extended to Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Tripura.

Benefits/uses of the application:

  • Digital repository of the cabinet resolutions
  • Efficient progress tracking of implementation of the cabinet resolutions
  • Effective Compilation of the memorandums & draft resolutions received by the cabinet section
  • Better coordination with the departments using inbuilt tool for communication
  • Dashboard and reports for quick and efficient monitoring of review officials

Link to the website/application: