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Project : Comprehensive Online Application for Factories Department

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Comprehensive Online Application for Factories Department

Project Brief:

Portals for various regulatory Departments like Fire, Labour, Factories, and Boilers in Telangana State has been developed by Centre for Good Governance, Hyderabad for providing time-bound industrial clearances to entrepreneurs to facilitate Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) under Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self-Certification System (TS-iPASS) Act.

Some of the important functions of the Department of Factories, Telangana is to approve plan and grant permission to construct a factory; grant license to start factory operations; ensure safety, health, and welfare of workers employed in the registered factories in the State.

The objectives of the project were to develop an online system for citizens, to apply for the various
services mentioned below:

  • Approval of Plan and Permission to Construct/ Extend
  • Factory Please log in the https://www.ipass.telangana.gov.in/ to avail this service
  • Registration and Grant of Licence( Please log in the https://www.ipass.telangana.gov.in/ to avail this service
  • Payment of Annual Licence Fee
  • Amendment of Licence (Change in Number of Workers/ Change in HP / Factory Name )
  • Transfer of Licence (Change in Occupier / Manager)
  • Self-Certification by the applicant
  • Annual Returns submission online
  • Submission of the report online for Complying with Inspection remarks of the dept officials

This portal helps to speed up processing of above services online duly avoiding manual intervention like attending factories dept office for submitting the application and to get signed or approved copy. This process ensures approval of right factory at the right place, which further ensures the safety of the people residing in the vicinity of hazardous Factories and safety of the plant, machinery, and material in factories. This portal already helped in safety, health, and welfare of 6.94 lakh workers employed in 19,580 registered factories in the State.

Benefits/uses of the application:

  • The applicant can apply online for any service instead of personally visiting Factories Department Office
  • The applicant can track the status his application and can download the digitally signed certificate
    through online
  • The applicant can maintain the history of all applications in his/her registered dashboard
  • It is an Integrated Online Application, where entrepreneurs can apply for services from two web portals – 1) Department of Factories portal, and 2) TS-iPASS portal and status can be tracked in their respective dashboards
  • Technical support is provided for the entrepreneurs through email and call

Telangana State secured 1 st rank in all India EODB ranking of 2016

Link to the website/application: