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Project : Directorate of Economics and Statistics(DES)

User Department(s):

Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Govt.of Andra Pradesh

Project Brief:

The Directorate of Economics and Statistics(DES) is declared as the nodal agency for the statistical activities in all the State Government Departments. Reports published and data compiled by the Directorate are used by several research organizations including Center for Economic and Social Studies (CESS). The Planning Department of Government of Andhra Pradesh uses the data for its activities.

Few objectives of this project are to develop a portal for Directorate of Economics and Statistics, GoAP to develop web-based software modules for following divisions:

  • Agriculture Statistics
  • Price Statistics
  • Industrial Statistics
  • Social Statistics
  • Minor Irrigation Schemes

Agricultural Statistics covers Rainfall Statistics, Area Statistics and Yield Statistics of various crops produced in the State.Prices are important data for monitoring inflation and valuation of goods to arrive at important variables like income and expenditure in the State economy. Price-monitoring requires the collection of prices at various points in the distribution channel, at the level of producers, at the level of wholesalers and at the retail level.

 Benefits/uses of the application:

  • The government can pre-plan welfare activities based on the statistical data provided by this software relating to agriculture, Industrial and Social  Sectors.
  • A citizen can view and download various statistics relating to Agriculture, Prices, Industries and Society. DES officers can analyse the planning requirements.

Link to the website/application: