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Project : Grama Jyothi(Government of Telangana launched Gram Jyothi Program as a logical continuation of Mana Ooru-Mana Pranalika)

User Department(s):

Panchayat Raj Rural Development Department Government of Telangana

Project Brief:

The Government of Telangana launched “Grama Jyothi” Program as a logical continuation of Mana Ooru-Mana Pranalika. The objective of “Grama Jyothi” is to improve the service delivery to the people in core sectors through the strengthening of the Gram Panchayats by bringing together the efforts of various departments working at the Gram Panchayat level which are hitherto working independently of one another. Grama Jyothi is aimed to synergise the developmental activities of the departments by achieving functional and financial convergence through the preparation of Gram Panchayat Developmental Plans. Accordingly, Grama Jyothi intends to strengthen villages in areas like water and sanitation, health and nutrition, education, social security and poverty eradication, natural resources management, agriculture and infrastructure. The Program will ensure the inclusive and holistic development of villages through people's participation in planning and collective decision-making. Centre for Good Governance (CGG) developed a web-based application for Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Department, Government of Telangana, which enables micro level reviewing of works of all Departments taken up at habitation level. In addition, this application helps in effective monitoring of all functional Committee plans at Panchayat, Mandal and District level.

This application is integrated with House Hold survey, to ensure the authenticity of data for 8684 Gram Panchayats which helped in generating Gram Panchayat Development Plan for2015-16 and 2016-17.

The various Functional Committees which are formed for Gram Panchayat Development Plan comprise of Water and Sanitation, Nutrition, Education, Security, Poverty Reduction, Resource Management, Agriculture and Infrastructure.

Benefits/uses of the application:

  • Better coordination of line departments through the planning process for convergence of major Schemes which work in Silos to bring in the synergy of Developmental efforts at GP Level
  • Preparation of GP development Plans
  • Bottom-up planning to be adopted for the optimal utilization of resources and avoid duplication
  • To improve the service delivery in core sectors
  • To make GP level Institutions more Accountable, Transparent and Responsive to People's  Needs
  • To form Functional Committee sector wise for monitoring Goals
  • Generate GPDP Plans Reports
  • Data is readily available with Gram Panchayats to take up and execute Developmental Works with the concerned Departments
  • Functional Committees can monitor various sectors such as Sanitation, Dump Yards, Community Sanitation Anganwadis, Community Sanitation Schools, School Children Details, l dropouts (6-14 Years), Orphans Rehabilitation, Grave Yards and information on very poor families
  • Integration with National Portal Planplus


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