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Project : Swachh Telangana

User Department(s):

Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration (CDMA), Telangana

Project Brief:

The Government of India launched the flagship program of ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ with the vision of ensuring hygiene, sanitation and waste management across the nation and issued detailed guidelines. In accordance with these guidelines, Government of Telangana has launched ‘Swachh Telangana’ Mission to make all the cities and towns in Telangana open defecation free, sanitized, healthy, liveable, ensuring and sustaining good public health and environmental outcomes for all the citizens.

CDMA, Telangana approached Centre for Good Governance (CGG) for development of the online system towards the Mission. The project was initiated in June 2015 with the portal hosting all the information related to the scheme implementation such as fund releases, beneficiary information, circulars, forms, photos, mobile application download etc.

The Management Information System (MIS) developed for monitoring Swachh Telangana mission is a real-time information system with the web application integrated with Mobile APP and GIS. The details of all the applications are captured and the process of accepting and rejecting is done online based on the defined criteria. The MIS maintains the repository of the beneficiaries selected for the sanction of toilets construction in all the Urban Local Bodies (ULB’s) of Telangana.

The fund releases are made based on the physical progress made in the construction and the physical progress can be verified by the officers at all levels as the photos captured through mobiles are uploaded from the construction site itself. This not only ensures transparency and authenticity of information but also reduces the process time drastically for approvals made at various levels. The feature of geo-tagging integrated with GIS quickens the process of plotting the field data to the spatial data and improves visualization of the project implementation.

Benefits/uses of the application:

  • Repository of Beneficiary information, toilets constructed under this scheme, etc
  • Facilitate the officials to monitor the real-time progress of the toilets construction at different stages
  • Workflow is in-built in the system and fastens the approval process required at various levels
  • Dashboard to higher officials to view status and for effective monitoring of toilets construction
  • GIS-based tracking
  • Generation of sanction orders and payment advice as per the prescribed format

Achievements :
Skoch Technology Award, 2016

Link to the website/application: