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Project : Telangana Pattana Pragathi

User Department(s):

  • MEPMA, MA & UD Dept , Government of Telangana

Project Brief:

Telangana Pattana Pragathi – Increasing the coverage of Urban Street Vendor for financial security through PM SVANidhi scheme in Telangana

Objective of the Project:

  1. The key objective behind this Project is aiding the urban street vendors through PM SVANidhi Scheme, at getting back on their feet financially, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns which left the daily wage workers and street vendors out of work.
  2. In the long term, it aims at establishing a credit score for the vendors as well as creating a digital record of their socio-economic status, so that they can avail the benefits of Central and State Government schemes. The project also attempts to formalise the informal sector of the economy and provide them safety nets and a means of availing loans in the future.
  3. A comprehensive e-Governance/m-Governance project was the necessity to leverage digital technology for achieving the above two objectives.
  4. The objectives of this technology solution has the following ingredients:
  • The COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown left daily wage workers and street vendors out of work. This in turn adversely affected the citizens during the Lockdown, as a significant population is largely dependent on supply of convenience and low priced goods and services through street vendors.
  • The government being sensitive towards the problems Street Vendors have faced in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, acted on an urgent basis to provide affordable credit to them to ensure their business gets a boost and they resume their livelihoods, which was severely affected due to the coronavirus lockdown.
  • In line with the government’s need of leveraging technology to ensure effective, speedy and timely delivery and transparency, CGG designed and developed a digital platform with web portal/mobile app to administer the Scheme.
  • The Mobile App is designed & developed in such a way that it allows to capture the vendor and vending photographs of the beneficiary/Street Vendor from the field locations with a quick approvals, generates ID Card and Vending Certificate, thus ensuring maximum coverage.
  • The most important and critical stage for the success of the PM SVANidhi scheme in Telangana was to identify the right beneficiaries in least amount of time with the help of technology and further channelize rightful benefits to the Street Vendors.


The innovative e-Governance (Web & Mobile based) solutions are designed and developed by Centre for Good Governance.  CGG


Through Digitized Street Vendor Identification and Enrolment solution, Telangana has registered 5,98,092  Urban Street Vendors (4% of total Urban Population)   which is significantly above  the national average of 2.5%-

  1. GoTS Submitted 4.5 lakhs applications against a disbursement target of 3.81 lakhs (119%)to GoI ensuring first position in the Country.
  2. Street Vendor loan disbursement target –3,81,000.

Loan disbursement to 3,46,031 street vendors (91% of the target) is achieved, which is highest  in the country

n Telangana, 98% of Street Vendor Id cards are issued through “Pattana Pragati System”. This ICT intervention has minimized the issuance of LORs, which is an old manual process.