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Tirukkovalluri Hari Krishna

Tirukkovalluri Hari Krishna
Project Manager

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Hari Krishna Tirukkovalluri possesses over 16 years of experience in the IT industry, demonstrating exceptional skills as a Project Manager, particularly in Application Development, Application Support & Maintenance. His expertise extends to various domains, including Healthcare and Banking, and he has collaborated with diverse clients across regions like EMEA and USA.

Throughout his career, Hari Krishna has undertaken numerous Java projects and exhibits comprehensive knowledge of the software development life cycle, encompassing requirement gathering, analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment. He leverages his technical proficiency to make informed decisions and offer valuable insights during project planning and execution.

With strong leadership abilities, Hari Krishna has consistently delivered successful projects, leaving a positive impact on the software development landscape. He actively contributes to projects and continues to lead teams, ensuring efficient tracking of team members’ efforts by implementing holistic views using dashboards.

Furthermore, Hari Krishna holds certifications in PMPĀ®, ITIL 4, Java, and Oracle. His commitment to adopting best practices and his dedication to achieving project goals further reinforce his contributions to the field of IT.