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Project : Computerization of Bus Pass in Telangana State Road Transport Corporation

User Department(s):

Road Transport Corporation, Telangana

Project Brief:

Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) is a state-owned corporation that manages transportation services within the Indian state of Telangana. TSRTC has focused heavily on computer operations and maintenance processes; Online reservation system; and electronic ticketing machines for all the services of the corporation. In addition, they have designed the Centralized Integrated System (CIS) to migrate and integrate all existing IT modules into an Enterprise resource planning (ERP).

This project aims at a citizen-focused portal with easy access to online enrollment for various types of commuters such as NGOs, Students and Employees, along with payment options (such as payment at counters [Cash / POS] or through online payment / electronic payment) reduce the waiting time of the applicant at the counter to collect the pre-printed bus pass.
Its purpose is to facilitate the online issuance of any type of passes assigned to the counter at any time of the month, unlike the specified type of pass in specified days in the manual system.

The project provides the necessary data centrally. It is not only facilitating the generation of several reports but also reduces the time required to claim government reimbursement since reports are generated from the central database. It also facilitates the operation of mobile counters in various educational institutions, for the convenience of students.

Benefits/uses of the application:

  • It ensures that all bus pass counters operate according to the schedule to avoid public criticism
  • Web-based application with 24/7 accessibility to users
  • Integration with other applications such as the SSC database, SADAREM database, and the RTC employee database
  • Secured, Role-based and personalized access control for Operators, Center Manager, Departmental officials and Educational Institutions / Organizations

Link to the website/application: