Our Team


  • Knowledge Manager, CGG

    CGG offers plenty of opportunities to explore and develop ideas. It provides ample opportunity to work in different areas and gain exposure to different subjects. They have good resources and a nice library. Working here has so far been an interesting experience

    Nishkala Sekhar, Knowledge Manager

  • Working at CGG has been a great pleasure. Being surrounded by a team with members coming from diverse backgrounds is an enriching learning experience. The leadership is open to the suggestions and opinions of the employees and this helps in improving the quality of the work being produced by this organisation. It is energising to work in such an encouraging environment.

    Inisa Guha, Knowledge Manager

  • Centre for Good Governance (CGG) has been growing and exploring new prospects and possibilities in the area of Information Technology and Services, Knowledge,  Research and Development. Its open culture helps everyone to discover their true potentials, as it provides the bandwidth to build and delve into new skill sets both vertically and horizontally across CGG.

    Sadamarshi C, Project Manager

  • I have been an employee with CGG for over 6 years and have spent over 11 years in the private sector. This is the first Organization that has ever made me feel like I am a part of something special and I thought such Workplace is important for Employees to achieve company goals. They make me as an employee feel very proud to be a part of the designing team. The family feeling that surrounds us here at CGG carries over into our personal life as well. The best part about working for CGG is its values-based culture. Its guiding values would always help the individual's career growth while growing as a company

    Chandrakant, Project Lead

  • Centre for Good Governance offers a platform to the enthusiasts to work with Institutions ranging from International Organisations to Local Government Authorities and provides a chance to promote reforms in these institutions and enable efficient delivery of their mandate.

    Janakiram, Sr. Knowledge Manager

  • Centre for Good Governance offers an apt ambience for the team to pursue their work. Management here encourages the team to be self – driven, proactive and accountable for achieving Quality results. The learning resource center in CGG is very well equipped to cater to the learning needs of the Knowledge Group & I feel privileged to be part of this organization

    P. Poorna Chandrika, Sr. Knowledge Manager

  • Centre for Good Governance has a unique and vibrant environment with the combination of Government and Corporate setup. Its business process and workforce gives us lot of knowledge as it’s aptly described in the company tagline Knowledge. Technology. People

    B. Pavan Kumar, Program Manager

  • I am having an excellent experience working in CGG. This company offers more than a job. Here you can build a career. CGG has given me a brilliant platform to move my ideas in order to add value to our clients; Development opportunities are limitless if you are ambitious. The friendly atmosphere of my team and its diversity make every working day a pleasure. I highly recommend this company.

    Deep Chandan, Project Leader

  • “Centre for Good Governance provides experience in working with various wings of Government Departments. CGG is a platform for learning different skills, sharing ideas as well as building your career. With a good campus, the atmosphere at CGG is very friendly and sportive. I have been learning new skills and also made good friends at CGG.”

    N. Satyanarayana, Project Leader

  • Centre for Good Governance helped me to grow inside the organization, gave me opportunities to develop my analytical and interpersonal skills.Diversity has such an important role in a company as it is creating an open-minded vision and a more productive teamwork. So if you are willing to start or continue your career in a company which embraces diversity, invests in its employees and creates relationships beyond the contract, CGG is the place for you.

    Hemanth Kumar Panidapu, Project Manager

  • Centre for Good Governance (CGG) is an organisation workforce can make an individual difference.  We are always working towards trying to achieve a higher better goal for Centre of Excellence in Governance.  CGG has given me a lot of satisfaction, an opportunity to develop my ability and determination to help grow CGG. Experience in knowledge management system given me an opportunity to work in AMRG, HDRG, MERG helped tremendously that’s why I work for CGG. It’s a special place to work, a lot of intellectually curious keen people, friendly and inclusive culture with commitment, lovely environment, open doors and open minds with unique ambitions to work forward for the better outcome. Do apply, if you are passionate about something you can grow a lot in CGG. 

    M. Raja Krishna Murthy, Sr. Knowledge Manager

  • I am associated with CGG from past 10 years. It is a unique organization which gives an opportunity to work on various prestigious eGovernance initiatives by the Government departments. I had an opportunity to work under the leadership of senior most IAS officers and learnt a lot in several aspects. It provides the best work environment and working on every project is challenging and the environment keeps up our passion.

    Maadhavi Sriram, Sr. Project Manager

  • “It’s a great privilege to work at CGG and I am glad to be part of this Organization. It’s a value-driven Organization, Every idea from each individual is considered and included in the development of the organization. I feel great to work with multiple departments on different technologies and I strongly opine that CGG provides great opportunity to explore multiple platforms to implement new technologies”

    Jyothi V, Project Manager eGov