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Project : Computerization of Legislature

User Department(s):

  • Andhra Pradesh Legislature
  • Telangana Legislature

Project Brief:

"Computerization of Legislature” Project is initiated by Centre for Good Governance (CGG) with the support of Department of Electronics & Information Technology(DeiTY), to develop a World Class Web Portal with a host of information related to the procedures and business rules followed in the Legislature. Questions and Agenda during the sessions, Bills, etc.
The project is intended to increase the efficiency in the functioning of the legislature, ease the work of the employees in the legislature and facilitate better services to the Hon’ble members of the legislature. The components of the project are designed to address the strengthening and streamlining of the internal activities, ease the monitoring and review, eliminate the redundant processes and bring in transparency and accountability. CGG developed and implemented web portal for Telangana State Legislature and made it available in three languages – English, Telugu and Urdu.

Hon’ble Members of Legislature are given online access to the information such as Questions and answers, Sessions, Bills, Debates, Statistics, Rules, and Procedures etc. Along with these components, the Web Portal also gives the information about the Assembly, Council Houses and a detailed description about presiding Officers. Citizens can send suggestions through e-mail to concerned constituency members from the Web Portal ensuring the authenticity of citizen emailed information. Better coordination is enabled with the departments and members during session meetings and committee meetings and reminders for implementation status using inbuilt tool for communication.


Benefits/uses of the application:

  • Information of Legislature such as House proceedings, committee reports, session business, questions & answers etc. is made available to everyone
  • Facilitates Members/Officers to monitor the house business
  • Speediness in communication with the departments
  • Reduces user time & cost spent on access to information
  • Achieve paperless House in view of computerization


  • The project is comprehensive and has all components such as Web Portal, Web applications(28 Modules), Mobile APP, GIS and Hardware components
  • World class web-portal in local languages (EnglishTelugu and Urdu) using open source Liferay Technology

Link to the website/application: