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Project : Double Entry Accrual Based Accounting System (DEABAS)

User Department(s):

  • Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana
  • Industrial Areas Local Authorities (IALAs) of TSIIC
  • Industrial Areas Local Authorities (IALAs) of APIIC
  • Centre for Good Governance (CGG)
  • Civil Supplies Department, Telangana
  • Vijayawada Municipal Corporation, Andhra Pradesh
  • Guntur Municipal Corporation, Andhra Pradesh
  • Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, Andhra Pradesh
  • Urban Local Bodies of Andhra Pradesh (till 2015)
  • Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions & Societies (TMREIS)
  • Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions & Societies (TSWREIS)
  • Telangana Housing Corporation Limited (TSHCL)
  • Girijan Cooperative Corporation Ltd.
  • TSIIC Ltd

Project Brief:

The Double Entry Accrual Based Accounting System is designed, developed, implemented, and maintained by CGG. This finance and accounting software application comprises of the three modules (Financial Accounting, Budget Monitoring & Fixed Assets), which are integrated with each other, thereby enabling a seamless flow of information. The important benefits of this application are greater transparency, improvement in accountability, improvement of internal efficiencies and above all, improved service delivery to citizens.

Through this system, a true picture of the financial position of a Government Organization can be presented, which helps in better financial management for timely and right quality information for planning, decision-making and control at each level of management

Key Modules: Financial Accounting Systems, Budget Monitoring System, Fixed Assets System and Revenue Module

  1. The Financial Accounting System enables to capture all information related to income, expenditure, liabilities, assets, stocks etc of the concerned Government Organisation. It further helps to generate year-end Income/Expenditure statement, Balance Sheet and Stock statements etc. In a nutshell, this module tracks all the financial activities of the concerned organization and generates various year-end reports
  2. The Budget Monitoring System helps to control expenditures and enforce revenue provisions. The system enables to prepare more detailed and accurate budget estimates, monitor budget balances, and provide utilization efficiencies. The system manages the function/cost centre-wise budget allocation for the year and monitors actual expenditure vis-a-vis the allocated budget
  3. The Fixed Assets allows to keep track of details of each fixed asset. It also keeps track of the correct value of assets, allowing appropriate annual depreciation. The FARS generates accurate, complete, and customized reports