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Project : Finance Department Portal, Telangana

User Department(s):

Finance Department, Government of Telangana

Project Brief:

The Finance Department, Government of Telangana has implemented several IT initiatives to facilitate and ease its day to day operations, the department introduced web-based e-Tools to ensure effective financial management, discipline, transparency and stakeholder participation in the State Government, which was facilitated by Centre for Good Governance (CGG), Hyderabad.

The initiatives began with a modular method, which includes Budget Management, effective monitoring of ways and means position, real-time decision support system, revenue and expenditure trend analysis and projections etc. Accurate MIS reports are provided to DDO’s/ S.E’s/ C.E’s/Secretaries, Finance Department, Directorate of Works Accounts, Finance (W&P) Department.

Benefits/uses of the application:

  • Accurate figures of pending bills for a timely decision on the authorization of bills.
  • Time-saving for Pay and Accounts Offices (PAOs)
  • Reports on payment vouchers for submission to Accountant General and Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs)
  • More accurate estimation of proposals
  • Improved budget utilization
  • Management of ways and means has become easy
  • Pressure on the staff has come down because of FIFO (First-in, First-Out) method
  • Need for visiting Financial Department by the concern department staff is reduced. Curtailing departments parking of funds in banks
  • Decision-making has become easy for releases
  • Aids decision making for just in time releases and gradual reduction in the parking of funds
  • Balance under Contingency Fund (CF) is dynamic
  • Available to all departments Receipts & Expenditure details mainly done through Treasuries

Link to the website/application: