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Project : Integrated Examination Management and Results Processing System for TSBIE

User Department(s):

  • Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education

Project Brief:

In India, Intermediate examination is a career deciding point in every student’s life and plays a decisive role in developing a student’s lifecycle strategy. Considering the 1) large number of students appearing for the examinations; 2) distinct & vast number of subjects; 3) allocation of examination centres in different locations; 4) requirement of invigilators to planning of evaluators & tabulators; 5) provision for re-evaluation/re-counting, the entire process has to be carried out meticulously to ensure error free results. However, there have been instances, where a student who has always excelled in his/her studies was declared “failed” or scored less in Board examination, primarily due to technical glitch/manual error.


With this as a background, it is pertinent to have an end-to-end automated system, which is impartial, accurate, transparent, secured and free from manual intervention. The Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE), has initiated the Project of “Integrated Examination Management and Results Processing System for TSBIE”, with the main objective of providing a complete automated system for the examination and results processing activities, which will further result in efficiency and transparency in the system and reduce the stress of the officials and save time in exam conducting and result processing activities.


The highlights of the system are: 

  • The web based IT application is a comprehensive solution to monitor the various activities right from the initial stage of student admissions, Hall Ticket generation, to conducting examinations; hassle free processing of the results. The system has eliminated the need for the students to visit the TSBIE/College for any work.
  • Quick Processing and significant improvement in delivery time

Programs are developed with logic built in for simplification and automation of processing at each level such as Venue Allotment, Hall Ticket Processing, Result Processing etc which reduced lot of stress to the officials and saved time in processing the large volumes of data at different stages of conducting the exams and processing the results

  • Download Certificates/hall tickets

Students are given facility to download hall tickets & to apply online for 19 different certificates including Marks Memo

  • User friendly Mobile App (Exam-Centre Locator) to guide the Route to examination center from the student’s residence
  • Service Delivery Channels: (1) Status updates are being facilitated through all possible channels, i.e. SMS, Mobile App, Web; (2)Results Download: Facilitated students to view Results immediately after the announcement of Results
  • Grievance Mechanism: Grievances Redressal Mechanism is implemented and help line nos are available on portal.
  • Dashboard & MIS Reports

Dashboard and MIS reports are provided to Secretary & all other officials for viewing the statistics at a glance for pre and post examination activities. All Analytical reports such as District-wise pass percentage are published in the website. Exception reports are generated for crosschecking the data validations.

  • Step by Step Approach for Audit & Verification

Step by step approach has been enabled in the system for the verification/sample check of data at various stages of result processing. This approach has assisted the officials in processing the error-free results and improved the service level satisfaction to both TSBIE officials as well as students.

  • Secured Access
  • Role based access is enabled for all users and Bio-metric login to the Secretary, COE & JS, to maintain the confidentiality of the data that is being processed College Affiliation Renewal & Other services


Beneficiaries of the Project: Intermediate (11th & 12th standard) students, parents, college principals, TSBIE officials & public at large