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Project : Milk Monitoring System for Telangana

User Department(s):

Telangana State Dairy Development Co-operative Federation Limited (TSDDCFL) – “Vijaya Dairy” brand

Project Brief:

Telangana State Dairy Development Co-operative Federation Limited (TSDDCFL) with Vijaya Dairy as a brand is willing to implement Information and Communication Technology (ICT) initiatives for monitoring the sales of Liquid Milk and improving the business. Although Vijaya Dairy had a good brand image for its milk and other products in the country, its functioning was getting hampered due to monitoring issues etc. Therefore, in 2017, the Government decided to transform the product and the introduction of eGovernance was one of the steps to support the decision.

Subsequently, CGG has roped in to develop a monitoring software system that makes it easy for TSDDCFL officers to plan and procure liquid milk and milk products based on the request. TSDDCFL officers can generate Truck sheet at the end of the day and dispatch the milk as per the indents received. This project is unique as it caters to the supply chain management of the Milk & Product marketing of TSDDCFL. (Earlier, TSDDCFL used a manual process for procuring of liquid milk and milk products. However, they had no way of estimating the exact quantity of liquid milk and milk products to be procured on a particular day, nor did they follow a systematic plan)

With the aid of the IT Solution developed by CGG, TSDDCFL can now plan better and the distributors can raise an indent with ease. The indent mentions the required quantity of milk and milk products and the date of delivery.

The application covers all wards of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)   and some districts of Telangana State; and also covers all the Stakeholders including TSDDCFL officers, Consumers, Distributors, vendors, Government Institutions & CGG.

Figure 1: Milk Monitoring System, GoTS – Stakeholders

Benefits/uses of the application:

  • Distributor or vendor can register online, which is a simple and time-saving activity.
  • The distributor can track registration status due to the transparency provided by the system.
  • By using this service, distributors can add an amount to their registered bank account thereby making the payment simple and quick
  • For TSDDCFL officers, the system provides visibility to all the registered applications and raised milk indents
  • Distributor/vendor can raise the milk indent multiple times in a day thereby improving their business
  • TSDDCFL officer can update the crate details (Crates Issues/Returned) by using “Crate Return” service. 
  •  Using this service LMS officers view date wise Production Schedule Report.
  • A citizen can view the “Price List” (list of milk and milk product prices) which is made available on the homepage
  • Distributors/retailers can view Payment Transaction Status: to check the status of payments or transactions and take actions accordingly
  • The system provides flexibility to the LMS officer to view the computer generated invoice, distributer-wise and route-wise.


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