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Project : Online Procurement Management System (OPMS)

User Department(s):

Telangana State Civil Supplies Corporation (TSCSC)

Project Brief:

There are about 2,000 paddy procurement centres in the 10 districts of Telangana. While half of them are managed by the women groups remaining were operated by primary agricultural societies and others. TSCSC Paddy Procurement and payment was being followed manually, resulting in delays in payment to farmers besides allowing the middlemen to go for corrupt practices. Telangana State Civil Supplies Corporation (TSCSC) idea was to take recourse to technology which helps farmers’ welfare and enhanced administrative efficiency.

Online Procurement Management System (OPMS) managed and maintained by Centre for Good Governance (CGG) for Telangana State Civil Supplies Corporation (TSCSC). TSCSC procures paddy directly from the farmers to the government, without any middleman interference.OPMS is being implemented successfully in past 4 seasons and has so far distributed over Rs. 8,200 crores to the farmers in association with NPCI gateway with State Bank of India. This initiative ranks high on innovation as this is the first digitization effort in paddy procurement in the country.

Benefits/uses of the application:

  • As part of the online process, an Android device is used to buy paddy from a farmer which captures his/her details such as name, Aadhar card and Jan Dhan accounts number, among others.
  • When the transaction is completed, an alert is sent through proper platforms to the State Bank of India, which process the payment instantly and sends money to the beneficiary account within 48 hours
  • Activity log to trace the user activity in the application which will be used in case of any problems raised and rectifications
  • SMS to all the farmers to acknowledge the status of payment

Link to the website/application: