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Project : Presidential Order System

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General Administration Department (GAD)

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Project Details

The G.O.Ms.No.674, which is generally known as “Presidential Order” contains principles regarding Organization of Local Cadres allotment of personnel of the various Departments to the various local cadres, method of direct recruitment to the various categories, inter-local cadre in transfers etc. of the employees holding those posts.

The main purpose of the PO system is to ensure that a major share of the vacancies arising in certain categories of posts in different parts of the State should be reserved for being filled by those who belong to that local area – 95 per cent of all recruitments to government jobs will be reserved for people from the respective zones.

Presidential Order (PO) System, designed and developed by CGG has provision for the re-organization of posts and allocation of Government Department employees into different local cadres such as Multi-Zones, Zones and Districts. The PO System also enables for declaration of Head of Department (HOD), Special Officers and State level Offices/ Institutions which are exempted from purview of PO 2018.

Important benefits

  • Reconciliation of Posts
  • Identification of post categories for Merger, Re-designation and abolition 
  • Re-organization of post categories into local cadres
  • Effective monitoring of various activities of PO 2018
  • Standardization of Draft Proposals and draft Government Orders on PO2019

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