Andhra Pradesh State Reorganisation
The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014 which is also called Telangana bill is an Act ... Read More
Support to Formulation of Citizen’s Charters
Citizen’s Charter is an expression of understanding between citizens and providers of a ... Read More
Evaluation of Environmental Management and Education in Singareni Colleries Company Limited and its Impact on Selected Stakeholders
The study was intended to act as a benchmark for understanding the role of organisations l... Read More
Accounting Primer for UNICEF Implementing Partners
UNICEF funds various programmes/projects implemented by the Government Departments and NGO... Read More

State of Civil Services Survey 2010
The State of Civil Service Survey 2010 aimed to assess the factors responsible for creatin... Read More
State of Governance Framework and Methodology
The State of Governance project aimed to develop a framework and an appropriate methodolog... Read More
Formulation of Urban Strategy in West Bengal

The main objective of the study is to analyse the current scenario and prepare a str... Read More

Strategy for Girl Child Education for the State of Andhra Pradesh
The study analyses the status of Girl child education among the different categories of th... Read More

Formulation of Telangana State Agriculture Policy (2017-18)
On Going
Formulation of Telangana State Agriculture Policy


In Telangana, more than half of the cro... Read More

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