Research Projects

Assessment of Mee Seva Centres in Telangana

Project Info

  • Year of Completion : 2023
  • User Department : User Department: IT&C Department, Govt. of Telangana


As part of this study, 500 MeeSeva centres were covered across 10 districts in the State, duly engaging 1750 stakeholders at different levels. The study captured the citizen perspective by collecting feedback using a bespoke indigenous mobile application after the availability of the services.

The study encompassed the critical assessment factors of relevance, viability, sustainability, potential challenges and capacity building of stakeholders. Overall citizens’ satisfaction levels were high as they believe that MeeSeva as an institutional mechanism has drastically changed the nuances of service delivery in the State in terms of accessibility. However, it was evident that the citizens usually ended up paying more than the specified amount in the citizens’ charter. It was opined that MeeSeva as an entity acted as a time saving tool over other traditional modes of service delivery. However, despite that, through MeeSeva centres, most of the services were not delivered in a timely bound manner as enunciated in the citizen charter. Further, the citizens were also critical about physical visits to government departments post submission of applications through MeeSeva. Hence, regardless of the government’s focus on paperless transactions, physical documents were still insisted upon by the concerned officers and this is compelling either the citizens or VLEs to visit the offices.