Research Projects

Capacity Building Programme for Climate Smart Agriculture

Project Info

  • Year of Completion : 2016
  • User Department : International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington D.C. and New Delhi


Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) aims to achieve a sustainable increase in productivity, adapt and building the resilience of agricultural systems to changing climate and reduction of greenhouse emissions from agriculture.

There are several sectors and actors involved in climate-smart agriculture and in planning for climate-smart agriculture, the capacities of actors involved in different sectors need to be enhanced, particularly at local level, where actions are needed. Agriculture officers and extension field functionaries are a vital link in the translation of knowledge obtained from research into on-field adoption. The extension field functionaries are fundamental in agriculture development at field level. These people need to fully understand problems, needs and possible ways to promote climate-smart agriculture so that they can communicate to farmers. Hence, agriculture department officials and extension field functionaries, more than, ever will be the catalysts of a climate-smart agriculture.

The overall objective of capacity building programme on climate-smart agriculture incorporates practices that increase productivity, efficiency, resilience, adaptive capacity, and mitigation potential of production systems.

Although climate change impacts are being witnessed all over the world, countries like India are more vulnerable in view of the huge population dependent on agriculture, excessive pressure on natural resources and poor coping mechanisms. Several parts of India are experiencing frequent droughts, floods, cyclones, hailstorm, frost and other climatic events every year. Climate change might result in price hike of agricultural commodities, feed supplies and consequently livestock products like meat and milk and threaten our efforts towards food security.

The participants for this capacity building programme were middle and senior level Extension Officials of Agriculture Department who in turn will pass on the knowledge to the entry-level staff and farmers.