Research Projects

Evaluation and Impact assessment study of Telangana Diagnostic Services

Project Info

  • Year of Completion : 2023
  • User Department : Department of Health, Medical & Family Welfare, Govt. of Telangana


Telangana Diagnostics (TD) provides state-of-the-art diagnostic services to the people of Telangana, especially those who may not have access to these services otherwise. The Hub & Spoke model is a smart way to reach more people in different areas and districts, and it started in 2018 and now expanded to 20 districts. This program was introduced to reduce huge out-of-pocket expenses incurred by patients for diagnostic tests.

A considerable period of 4-5 years is over in the implementation of this TD programme in the state, and the state is in the process of expansion of its services by setting up 13 central hubs in the left-over districts, converting TD labs in to Integrated Public Health laboratories, initiation of accreditation of existing 19 labs under NABl etc. It is, therefore, necessary that the programme is evaluated to test whether it is going in the right direction or not as per the laid down norms. It is also important to check whether the programme is meeting its objectives such as ensuring minimum standard tests at a designated facility, reducing the out-of-pocket expenses incurred on diagnosis by the patients, screening of the patients for set of chronic diseases for secondary prevention measures. This study will be useful in taking stock of initial lessons from experience and identifying appropriate actions to address issues or problems in design, implementation, and management, and reinforce initiatives that demonstrate the potential for success. This study would be useful in taking Evidence-Based Policy decisions to have an overall health care system in the state.

Objectives of the study:

  • To find out the awareness levels among the people on the Telangana Diagnostics program.
  • To assess the process of implementation and monitoring of the program and find out the gaps/challenges if any.
  • To find the perception and experiences of beneficiaries on the TD program and assess its impact.

To conduct a comparative analysis of the Hub and Spoke model of sample delivery and In-house FDI Labs versus the PPP model being adopted by other states (AP and Maharashtra) to find out the cost-effectiveness of the program.