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Formulation of Telangana State Agriculture Policy
Formulation of Telangana State Agriculture Policy (2017-18)

Project Info

  • Year of Completion : On Going
  • User Department : Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Govt. of Telangana State



In Telangana, more than half of the cropped area is rainfed. For the majority of the crops, the yields are low when compared to many other Indian states. Due to the frequent occurrence of droughts agriculture sector has been witnessing a negative growth for the past two years. However, by experiencing good monsoon in the year 2016-17 a steep raise in agricultural growth of 19% was evidenced. Further, the other main challenges to the state are depleting groundwater table and reduced per capita availability of agricultural land with increased production costs like input costs, labour costs etc resulting in the decreased net income of the farmers. Non-remunerative price to the produce is further aggravating the situation.

However, the other dimension is the strengths the state has and opportunities existed. The state is blessed with a typical agro-climatic condition favourable for seed production of most of the field as well as vegetable crops. More than 45% of the country’s seed requirement is met from the state. The state is suitable for cultivation of many horticultural crops. The dry land area of Telangana state is known as a traditional belt for many of the millets like Jowar, Bajra etc. Government is implementing Mission Kakatiya to bring about 2.5 lakh hectares of additional area under irrigation through the restoration of minor irrigation tanks

A rationale for the Policy

In the backdrop of typical challenges and unique strengths of the Telangana state, the farmers are in earnest desire of having a Comprehensive and a workable policy which makes them to feel that government is on their side to protect them from all sorts of risks and agriculture profession will bring back their original pride. Hence, a comprehensive and enabling agricultural policy is a necessary prerequisite to provide overall direction, develop appropriate strategies, support the implementation of development programs and mobilise resources for the full-fledged growth and development of agricultural sector. Keeping in view of the need and requirement of farmers and the challenges and strengths of the state, the present study is proposed to draft an Agricultural policy for Telangana state.

Expected Output

A draft Agriculture Policy shall be submitted to the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation after an in-depth study incorporating the desirable features of other state policies depending on the suitability to Telangana State.