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RTI Online Certificate Course

Project Info

  • Year of Completion : 2015
  • User Department : Right to Information Act


Since 2009, the Department of Personnel and Training (Govt. of India) has been supporting CGG to execute an online certificate course on the nuances of the Right to Information Act. This initiative facilitates a large volume of trainees being trained at one go and usually includes officials and citizens of the country. The new version of the course has a 7-day basic module followed up with a 15-day specialized module with a checklist of questions pertaining to proactive disclosure of a public authority.

As on 31-3-2015, the following is the count of candidates that have taken the new version of the course.

Currently, this Online Certificate Course is no longer offered by CGG 

For more details about this course, Kindly Contact: Department of Personnel and Training (Govt. of India)