Research Projects

State of Governance Framework and Methodology

Project Info

  • Year of Completion : 2009
  • User Department : Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances (DAR&PG), Government of India


The State of Governance project aimed to develop a framework and an appropriate methodology for assessing the State of Governance that influence the development scenario in any State. As part of the project, CGG deconstructed Governance into broad governance issues and developed appropriate indicators against each of these based on review of national and international discourse and practice on governance; evolved a comprehensive methodology for analysis and pilot tested it across three states of the country in collaboration with ACNielson-ORG-MARG. Based on the results of the pilot, the framework and methodology were refined for its future roll out in other States/UTs of the country.

Together, the SoGR framework and toolkit provides a practical guide for assessing the quality of governance at the state level through simple, user friendly and generic methodology which can be used by any agency to test the quality of governance at State level. It is an attempt at developing a home-grown model that would find acceptance among the country’s decision makers and civil society members.