Research Projects

Support to Formulation of Citizen’s Charters

Project Info

  • Year of Completion : 2014
  • User Department : Erstwhile Government of Andhra Pradesh


Citizen’s Charter is an expression of understanding between citizens and providers of a public service regarding the service parameters. During 200-04, close to 100 Departments/ Heads of Department (HoDs) in the Government of Andhra Pradesh, had prepared Citizen’s Charters. In 2013, the State Government initiated the updating/revision of these charters in view of the changes in the government scenario, especially the implementation of the landmark, Right to Service Act in several States.

To begin with, 11 Secretariat Departments and 28 HoDs were to prepare the Charters with support from Centre for Good  Governance (CGG), Hyderabad.

CGG’s key activities in Charter formulation involved the following:

  • Evolving comprehensive guidelines to guide the formulation of Citizen’s Charters in departments. The guidelines will ensure uniformity in formats, dimensions covered and nature of the information provided.
  • Supporting the Departments/HoDs of Government of Andhra Pradesh in formulating Citizen’s Charters.
  • Submitting regular status reports on the progress of Charter formulation in various HoDs along with details of serious issues faced.
  • Supporting the GA (GPM &AR) department in formulating requisite policies and instructions to ensure the formulation and effective implementation of Charters.

The draft charters have been prepared and submitted to the Government. Most departments have uploaded their citizen’s charters on the departmental website. In April 2014, a State level workshop of officers was held to create awareness on the Citizen’s Charters and to obtain their commitment for Charter implementation. A Government Order (G.O.Ms.No.425 GA(GPM&AR) Department) with detailed instructions on the implementation of Citizen’s Charters was issued on April 30 2014.