Research Projects

Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission (TSERC)

Project Info

  • Year of Completion : 2021
  • User Department : TSERC


The Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission (TSERC) was constituted in the year 2014 as part of enactment of Section 92 of A.P. Reorganization Act, 2014, separating from the erstwhile APERC which is commissioned in the year 1999. The State Electricity Commission established under Section (17) of GoI ERC Act, 1998 (14 of 1998) for enactments and purposes specified in the Act is authorized to issue licenses to eligible parties and determines tariff towards generation, transmission, distribution, and wheeling charges for inter and intra-state of electricity. Commission promotes generation of renewable energy. It adjudicates the disputes between various licensees and levy fees for different purposes in their regulatory purview.

TSERC to strengthen the organization’s ability to fulfil its present and future missions and to meet the emerging challenges and complications raised in the recent past, Commission felt the need to conduct an in-depth diagnostic study and requested CGG for revisiting the existing staff structures, cadres, service regulations and pay scales and suggest remedial measures / reforms for smooth functioning of the Commission’s office along with updated comprehensive Service Regulations.

CGG conducted a detailed desk review of the relevant data, conducted qualitative data collection, and analysis and submitted a detailed report with recommendations on new positions, quelling of redundant posts, revised staff hierarchy, JDs for the new positions and existing positions and a new comprehensive staff service regulations with the proposed reforms.