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Working Papers
S.No. Name of the Publication Authors Month-Year Download
1 Basic Services for Rural People Mr. V. K. Parigi & Mr. Kurian Thomas November 2004 Download
2 Civil Service Reforms MR. M. Satish November 2004 Download
3 Ushering in Transparency for Good Governance Mr. V K Parigi, P. Geeta & Mr. Rameesh Kailasam November 2004 Download
4 Reforming water sector governance and institutions for improving efficiency: the case of Mumbai Mr. Ramakrishna Nallathiga 2004 Download
5 Urban Sector Reform Agenda: Financing Civic Services and Development Dr. P. K. Mohanty, IAS April 2005 Download
6 Using e-Tools for Good Governance & Administrative Reforms Dr. P. K. Mohanty, IAS May 2005 Download
7 Reforming Property Tax: The Approach of Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad Dr. P. K. Mohanty, IAS June 2005 Download
8 Globalisation, Information Technology and Governance Dr. P. K. Mohanty, IAS July 2005 Download
9 Assessing Capacity Enhancement Needs for Public-Private- Partnership in Local Government: A Case of Urban Local Bodies in Andhra Pradesh Dr. B. Navin & Dr. P. Geeta July 2005 Download
10 Transparency and Accountability in Municipal Governance: Role of Institution Development, Performance Management and Citizen Charters Dr. P. K. Mohanty, IAS August 2005 Download
11 Improving Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Services: The Hyderabad Experiment C.R.Kamalanathan, IAS (Rtd) 2005
12 Institutional innovations of Urban Governance: Some examples of Indian cities Mr. Ramakrishna Nallathiga 2005 Download
13 Training Needs Assessment Methodology – A Toolkit Dr. Sharma S. Mantha December 2005
14 Handbook on Service Excellence for Public Managers Mr.M. Sivaramakrishna & Dr. Sharma S. Mantha July 2006
15 Remittances and Sustainable Livelihoods in Semi-arid Areas. Dr.Chandan.K.Samal Dec 2006 Download
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