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Working Papers
S.No. Name of the Publication Authors Month-Year Download
1 Managing Urban Growth using the Town Planning Schemes in Andhra Pradesh – Final Report CGG March 2009 Download
2 Performance Management in Government Government of India - DARPG April 2009 Download
3 Resource Mobilisation for Urban Development: Some Options for and experiences of ULB’s in India Mr. Ramakrishna Nallathiga 2009 Download
4 Preparation of a Framework for Redevelopment of Slums in Andhra Pradesh – Concept Paper Ramakrishna Nallathiga July 2009
5 Analysing The Finances Of Urban Local Bodies In India: A Cross-Sectional Study Ramakrishna Nallathiga August 2009
6 Draft Drug Procurement Policy, AYUSH Department, GoAP-2009 K. Radha Krishnam Raju 2009 Download
7 Development Of Basic Services For Urban Poor (BSUP) Fund In Urban Local Bodies Ramakrishna Nallathiga January 2010 Download
8 Use of ICT in improving governance and social accountability with a pro-poor approach: reflections from India Dr. Rajiv Sharma, IAS- Director General May 2010 Download
9 Anti-Corruption Mechanisms to Enhance Transparency, Integrity and Accountability in Public Administration "National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme- an Indian case study in anti-corruption" C.R.Kamalanathan, Retd IAS October 2010
10 Land based Resource Mobilisation for Urban Development – revised Rama Krishna Nallathiga December 2010 Download
11 Municipal Accounting Reforms in Andhra Pradesh – Accrual Based Double Entry Accounting System D.V.Rao February 2011 Download
12 Maintenance of hydraulic gates – Importanant Paramenters Mr. P. Madanaiah 2011
13 A Concept Paper On Statue-Erection On Roads In Andhra Pradesh Centre for Good Governance September 2011
14 Strengthening Open Government: India Country Paper Mohammad Taqiuddin, Deputy Executive Director and Shabbeer Shaik, Programme Manager October 2011
15 Community Participation in Municipal Governance –Initiative of Andhra Pradeash D.V. Rao March, 2011
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