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Aditya Sankar Iduri

Aditya Sankar Iduri
HR Manager

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Aditya Sankar Iduri is a highly experienced HR Management professional with 14 years of expertise in leading HR functions for multinational corporations. He holds an MBA in Human Resources from Kakatiya University and has established a commendable track record in building and leading HR teams. Aditya has effectively overseen organizations with a global workforce of up to 16,000 employees, showcasing his ability to handle large-scale operations with finesse.

Having developed a deep understanding of business strategy, Aditya possesses the skills to influence and advise leaders on matters pertaining to positive organizational development. His broad range of expertise includes recruitment, performance appraisal, payroll processing, and the implementation of HR strategies that are aligned with the unique needs of the business. He demonstrates proficiency in HR data automation and excels in implementing policies that foster employee growth and development.

Aditya is well-versed in conducting interviews, facilitating seamless on-boarding processes, and effectively handling employee grievances. His commitment to excellence is evident in his significant contributions to the organizations he has served throughout his career. With a focus on effective leadership and strategic HR practices, Aditya Sankar Iduri stands as a highly accomplished HR professional dedicated to driving success in every endeavor.