Changing world one project at a time – Centre for Good Governance

“We are well-positioned to be the nation’s leading eGov and mGov projects. Our focus is not only India but all the growing and emerging markets in the world.”

— Rajendra Nimje

Center for Good Governance is helping large global enterprises and federal organizations transform, under the leadership of its Director General, Rajendra Nimje

August 18, 2017 – For Rajendra Nimje, becoming an IAS was something aspired by his father, which he thinks is the best career decision for him, till now. Transitioning from a techno-engineering background (studied M.Tech from India’s premier engineering institution, IIT-Bombay) to joining the Indian Administrative Service (IAS, It is the premier service in India) was not an obvious choice for him. However, the need to enable efficient governance practices in the public sector, infused with ingenuity, and aided by technology led him to join the IAS in 1994.

This marked the arrival of Mr. Nimje thereby holding a number of prestigious positions such as Joint Collector, Additional Commissioner, Joint Chief Electoral Officer, and District Collector & Magistrate and working with a gamut of departments like Revenue, Municipal Administration, Technical Education, Excise and GAD Elections. During his tenure as IAS officer, he had been the flag bearer of many innovative projects for mass public, pre-dominantly IT oriented projects.

After successful stint as an IAS officer for several fruitful years, contributing to many policy design and implementation, developmental assignments, especially in the State of Andhra Pradesh (India), Mr. Nimje changed his gears to take up more challenging roles as Executive Director/Managing Director and many other key top management roles in the Corporate World.

Talking about this transition from public-service focussed IAS officer, to taking up key positions in enterprising world, Nimje says, “Understanding the dynamics of any business requires disciplined leadership and crafting profitability in every aspect of business. We need to ensure all the stakeholders in the business ecosystem are happy and their needs are met.”

Talking about his present role as Director General at Center for Good Governance (CGG), he says, “Yes things are different here and we have a lot more variability, managing multiple projects for different clients. But the customer dynamics or underlying principles of a business won’t change.”

When Rajendra joined CGG as Director General in Dec 2016, he realized that there was a need to bring in process framework to take the organization to next level. His immediate focus was on the expansion and making CGG a model organization. Sharing more on focusing on the future rather than the past, Nimje says, “Starting with creating processes and frameworks, we had reemphasized the fact that we were here to stay, we were here to invest and we were here to grow.”

He is thankful to Dr. Rajiv Sharma (Mr. Nimjes predecessor from CGG), who he believes has put his heart and soul in making CGG one of the finest organizations, especially in the E-Governance arena. [At present, Dr. Sharma is the Chairman and member of board at CGG]

Talking about his future growth strategies, Nimje says, “We are well-positioned to be the nation’s leading e-Gov and m-Gov projects. Our focus is not only India but all the growing and emerging markets in the world.”

Rajendra Nimje has embarked upon several new initiatives across various disciplines which have already started to strengthen CGG’s positioning. He is sure to change the IT world one project at a time through his leadership at CGG.