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Shabbeer Shaikh

Shabbeer Shaikh
Director - Governance, ODRG and Urban Management Groups

  • Key Areas: Governance and Public Administration, Public Policy, Urban Planning, Environmental Planning

Shabbeer joined CGG in March 2010 after 17 years of professional experience in Environmental Management and Urban/Regional Planning sector in Arizona (USA) and India. He graduated with M.S. in Urban and Environmental Planning and M.S. in Geographic Information Science/RS from Kansas State University USA. He also holds M.Sc., (Forestry) from University of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan (H.P.) and Bachelors from Konkan Agriculture University. Additionally, he completed the Certificate Programme in Environmental Education from East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii. At CGG, his work involves researching and project execution in the areas of Public Policy Analysis, Governance, Public Sector Management; Environmental Planning; Urban Management/Governance; Human Resource Management in Public Health Sector and GIS; Disaster Management and Monitoring & Evaluation.

His key interests and expertise lie in Environmental Planning and Management; Land use planning; Urban Planning, management & governance; Project monitoring & evaluation; Public policy analysis; Administrative Reforms; Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Remote Sensing; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); Social Impact Assessment (SIA); Monitoring and Evaluation and Disaster Management. Shabbeer has published 9 peer-reviewed research articles in environmental planning; community forestry and governance. He has authored several research reports in the areas of urban planning; environmental planning and community forestry.