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Jayati Patwal

Jayati Patwal
Knowledge Manager

  • Key Areas: Capacity Building, Program Design, Project Management, and Stakeholder Management

Jayati is a Development Practitioner with a background in Urban Development and Architecture, with over 6 years of experience in Development Management. Some of the Major areas Jayati has contributed to are capacity building within various government schemes, Spearheading pandemic response efforts, engagement in strategic planning and scaling for development sector initiatives for various CSR organizations

She has also undertaken research under various WASH projects and engaged in areas of Design and Physical Planning. Within her role as Development Manager, she has contributed to Smart City Teams in the past overseeing stakeholder management and project deliverables.

Jayati was onboarded with CGG on September 2022 with the aim of contributing to GRAI and has continued to remain deeply involved in a multitude of projects, showcasing her enduring dedication to meaningful contributions.